Game Rules & Fair Warning:

You WILL need diamonds on hand to open chests, shrines, and treasure boxes to gather weapons, potions and RUBYs.


There are obstacles such as impassable mountains and water that can slow you down or trap you, choose your steps wisely...


Bad guys WILL kill you if you touch them but some can be slain with the appropriate weapon!


Dying wipes out your inventory and you lose everything but your Diamonds.


RUBYs won go directly to your wallet ONLY if you've enabled a BSC-compliant wallet at sign-up.


Toulon's minions hide the PuriPet eggs in dungeons, BUT not every level has a dungeon, nor every dungeon and egg.


Finding the princess resets your move total, teleports you to a fresh level and you get to keep what you've found that round.


There is NO SAVE in the pre-release.


DO NOT walk away from your session until you've succeeded, or died.