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PuriPets can be Minted directly from the the PuriPets Smart Contract using Polyscan

PuriPets can be minted directly from the PuriPet's Smart Contract using Ploygonscan. 

Head over to:


Then put our minting contracts address in the top box to find our contract. The address of the contract is:


and hit the search button


You can now click on the Contract tab, circled on the left here. You can do this because our smart contract has been verified.

Next, click on the "Write Contract" box, circled in the image below:


Next, you need to connect your MATIC capable wallet to this page, do that by clicking on the link found in the red circle on the left.

You can now use the Buy function on the Contract tab, circled on the left here.

Fill this box in with 250, That's the cost of minting one PuriPet in MATIC and hit "Write".

Then accept the transaction in your wallet and the PuriPet will be minted to your wallet address.

Log on to Opensea using the same wallet to see your shiny new PuriPet! 

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