The plane of light known as Elysium is an idyllic universe with ideal, picturesque landscapes. Nature exists in perfect balance with the natural expression of this being the PuriPets, magical creatures unique to the different regions of Elysium.


There are many different kinds of terrain and environments throughout Elysium, each more idyllic than the last. From the snowy peaks of the Shimokita range to the azure depths of Lake Profundo every land is populated by wondrous creatures under the stewardship of Princess Puri, the chosen daughter of the Elysium’s Emperor König.




The plane of Haedes is a dark reflection of the realm of light. The plane is overrun with the minions of its ruler the Dark Lord Toulon, a demonic entity of unknown origin but unyielding evil. The plane of darkness is home to tribes of goblins, the main food source for the larger creatures and evil minions.


Massive ogres roam the landscape and creatures more menacing and strange occupy the many dungeons of the world. Due to the chaotic nature of the plane, any portal into the space is scrambled separating people, PuriPets and Explorers alike as they pass thru the dimensional barriers into the darkness.





The finest recruit to ever graduate from the Explorer Corps Academy Mugen is as passionate and dedicated to the preservation of the natural order as the Princess. A master of tracking, combat and all matters of natural study he is the secret weapon of Princess Sophella in her quest to reclaim the PuriPets.


Princess Sophella


Princess Sophella is the chosen guardian of all creatures of Elysium and she loves them with all her heart. Young by fae standards she nevertheless takes her responsibilities to the wildlife of her plane very seriously. It is she that founded the Explore Corp, a group of naturalists, warriors and adventurers who are her eyes, ears and hands throughout Elysium. With Mugen, her finest Explorer, by her side she will reclaim every PuriPet that gets pulled to Haedes by Toulon’s foul, primitive magick.

Emperor Konig Ruler of Elysium


The Emperor is as enigmatic as he is difficult to find. Princess Sophella seems to be the only one he interacts with directly and spends most of his time communing with the spirit of an even higher plane than Elysium.


These days he’s more of a force of nature than a man said to be everywhere and nowhere at once. He’s as fundamental to the plane as the air and light with each portal from Haedes an affront to his personal well being and every PuriPet lost a grave insult to the natural order.




Dark Lord Toulon, Ruler of Haedes


The Dark Lord Toulon rules the dread dimension of Haedes with an iron fist. His minions, from the lowliest goblin tribes to the mighty ogres, thirst for more conquest and power. Summoning his vast magical abilities he manages to form portals the land of Elysium but they are random and attract only PuriPets.


These portals are inadequate to send his armies through but Princess Sophella, who seems to have mastered portal magicks, adores these beasts and he has ordered his evil army to capture them to use as bait in hopes of capturing Princess Sophella and forcing her to share the secrets of proper portal travel.


Scything Spirit


Horned Horror


Fire Hydra


The PuriPets are the embodiment of the wild, pure natural forces of Elysium. They reflect different aspects of their environments and forces of the plane of light. They are as varied as they are powerful, each imbued with a sliver of the Emperor’s magic and Princess Sophella’s love.


PuriPets range throughout the plane in perfect balance with the natural order, Indeed they are in fact agents of this order keeping the balance between predator and prey and enhancing the natural beauty of the world around them. If Elysium is to remain balanced the PuriPets must be returned to their rightful home.