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How to create a Metamask Wallet

Step 1. Go to:


Install Metamask on the browser of your choice or on your mobile. 

Launch the app and click on the “Create a Wallet” button as shown in the image below.


Metamask will ask if you want to help improve Metamask.
It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree, just click either “no thanks” or “I agree”. 


Step 2. Create your password, agree to terms of use and click the “Create” button.

Keep track of your password somewhere secure and do not give your password to anyone.


In the next page, Metamask will give you some information on how to keep your wallet safe.

It is advisable to watch and to remember the information provided.

Once you’re done, click on the “Next” button.

Step 3. Next you will see your Secret Backup Phrase.

At first, your secret backup phrase will be hidden.

Ensure you are alone before clicking on the “Click Here To Reveal Secret Words” section.


Your secret phrase is like your password.

If someone knows your secret phrase, they will be able to take your assets.


It is important to record your secret phrase somewhere as you will need this secret phrase to use your wallet in another place.

Once you click on the greyed out section with the padlock icon, your screen will look like the below image:


Step 4. You need to copy the words you see inside the box on your screen, and write it down somewhere secure. 

Metamask will then ask you to put your secret phrase in the right order, to check you have got it recorded. Make sure to put your words in the correct order. Once all your words have been placed in the right order, the blue “Confirm button” will appear. Click this.


You will get a “Congratulations” message! Well done, you now have a metamask wallet! 
Next, ADD the Binance Smart Chain to access your RUBYs!

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